Meet Kate Holt Photography

Photographer based in Portland, OR 

The goal of my photography is to speak beyond the two-dimensional. To leap up with emotion and feeling. To convey with images that which words fail to encompass.


My love affair with light began as a teenager when I received my first photography training by an award-winning artist.  I was able to spend three years under his tutelage and graduated on to pursue a career in photojournalism.  I spent some years shooting for both magazines and newspapers and traveled around the world before finally settling in Portland and deciding to create a focus on weddings and family portraiture.

I have since fallen in love with photographing couples on their wedding.  There is always so much emotion and love in the day, that to be able to photograph it and preserve it for a lifetime is truly a privilege.  I absolutely love my job and love the people I get to meet through it.  One of the most imporatant and valued aspects of my work is the continual focus on making those I work with feel relaxed and have a good time.  My desire is that your images convey the real you and all the moments of our time together. I hope that what I have displayed here matches with the vision you have for your images and that we get to meet and become friends very soon.