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    Our passion is you.  
                                 Your love story,
                                       your family,
                                  your moments,

What is it that makes you, you?  Let us work with you to capture those candid moments that go beyond "posing" and truly illustrate who you are, together.  Whether it is an engagement session, your wedding, family time, or welcoming the newest child into your world, it is our passion to document these moments of you. 

Kate Holt Photography is a husband and wife team with over 20 years of photography experience.  We have shot for newspapers and magazines all over the world and now make Portland, Oregon our home.  We live in South East and love the hustle of a busy Friday night on Division as we take in some wings at Pok Pok, or enjoy a caffeinated morning cup of coffee from our favorite cafe, Nossa Familia.  

Our goal and focus of our business is making those we work with feel comfortable and able to open up in front of our lenses.
Let's face it, chances are you aren't a professional model with hundreds of hours of posing experience, and thinking of being in front of a camera for any length of time might just make you feel more than a little nervous.  Our job is to gently guide you into and around the aesthetic locations Oregon and the Northwest has to offer, and create an experience that is more like hanging out and spending time with new friends than feeling stiff and posed during some rigid "photo shoot."  

Schedule a sit-down with us at your favorite coffee shop and let's get to know each other, get a feel for who you are, and what vision you have for your images.  We promise you'll walk away with not only aesthetic and genuine imagery, but perhaps even some new friends.  

We look forward to meeting you and are excited at the opportunity to create a porfolio of images that are truly, YOU! 

Photographer's Q+A:

Question:  What is your favorite part of photographing a wedding?

Kate:  I love the sunset shots.  This is just such a special moment where you get to sneak away with your couple for 15 minutes and just have some fun.  At this point in the day, all the nerves are calmed, and it's a really lovely moment for the bride and groom to get away from everyone and have just a few moments to soak in the fact that they are now finally married.  It is a time of very little posing, and mostly just documenting the love that inevitably is outflowing from both of them and makes for some quite spectacular, very intimate images.

Dominic:  My favorite moments to capture during a wedding are the vows and speeches.  There is just so much raw emotion during these times, and being able to photograph family, friends and couples truly expressing their love for one another is a joy.  I love also switching between not only those speaking, but also those listening and receiving the vows or speeches, as the emotions that play across the faces of the listeners can sometimes speak volumes more than any words on a page could. 

Question: What is the craziest thing you have had to overcome 
while on a shoot?

Kate:  Believe it or not, the very first engagement session I ever photographed was in the winter, and typical of Oregon winters, it was POURING rain!  The couple were troopers and came prepared with their waterproof boots and high spirits, but they also brought their cat, who was less than thrilled with the rain!  It was quite a challenge getting this lovely cat to cooperate as it was getting dripped on with giant Oregon raindrops, and at one point it escaped from the arms of the couple and we had to chase it down!  It was a shoot filled with lots of laughs and we ended up getting some great photographs, but to this day I have never had such a challenging engagement shoot!

Dom:  I was doing a very private pre-wedding photo shoot with a couple who were all set to do a private first look when the groom realized he'd forgotten his cuff links.  The bride was fully dressed in her gorgeous dress, and the groom was fully suited up in a three-piece suit and it was about 85 degrees outside.  His cuff links were in his hotel room which was 6 blocks away from the venue where we were all currently located.  For this couple it was really important that they had their first look and wedding portraits private with only the bride, groom and myself present; so no one else was at the venue yet that could help retrieve the cuff links.  Seeing panic rising in the groom, I asked him for his hotel key and his room number and literally sprinted the 12 blocks round trip to retrieve his cuff links so that we could get their photos done before any of their family showed up!  It was a challenge and a hot run, but it definitely saved the day! 

Question: If you could do a photoshoot anywhere in the world, 
where would it be?

Kate: Honestly, I have always wanted to photograph an underwater wedding in a shallow sandy bay somewhere in Hawaii or Thailand.  I worked as a SCUBA instructor and an underwater photographer in South East Asia for a few years, and fell in love with the ocean, but never got the chance to do an epic photoshoot of some bride in her flowing gown underwater!

Dominic:  I have always wanted to photograph an engagement shoot on top of a mountain.  Not a volcanic mountain like what we have here in Oregon where the couple would have to be bundled in layers and layers of Northface so they don't freeze, but mountains like we have in the UK, where I was born.  There are some stunning mountains in the north of England and in Scotland that have fields of green grass and wildflowers surrounding them that would provide the most epic of backdrops to set off a couple's love and devotion. 

Question: What's your quirkiest habit when you shoot?

Kate:  This is really embarrassing, but I am AWFUL about lens caps.  At the start of any shoot I have them all on my lenses, all organized and in place.  But throughout the length of any shoot they will end up all over.  They'll be in my pockets, or on a log, or on a table, or by the DJ, or anywhere basically, than in my camera bag or on my lens.  I don't know how many times I've had to replace my lens caps but I should probably own stock in the company I buy them from! 

Dom:  My strange quirk when I photograph is I always seem to have a theme song running through my head as I photograph.  The song will change depending on the scenery that I find myself shooting in, or the mood of those I am photographing.  Once while shooting a group of groomsmen I even accidentally started humming the theme song to "Rocky" which gave them all a good laugh!